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Welcome to Mass Music Collective (MMC) – a vibrant heartbeat in the world of Massachusetts' music. At MMC, we believe in the power of community and the magic that unfolds when local talent comes together. Our mission? To amplify the diverse voices of our state's music scene and to weave a rich tapestry of sounds that resonates across towns and cities.

What We Do: Through our carefully curated Spotify playlist, we spotlight local bands, sharing their music with a wider audience – from lively bars and cozy cafes to bustling stores and restaurants. We're more than just a playlist; we're a bridge connecting artists with listeners, venues with vibrant local music, and fans with their next favorite band.


Join the Collective: Whether you're a band looking for a platform, a venue seeking local sounds, or a music lover eager to explore, MMC is your destination. Dive into the rhythm of Massachusetts, discover new tunes, and be part of a movement that’s as dynamic as it is diverse.

Looking Ahead: Our vision stretches beyond playlists. We're building a directory of bands and venues, crafting genre-specific playlists for every mood, and setting the stage for live events and artist features. At MMC, the future of local music isn’t just heard – it’s shaped by all of us.

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