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Detailed Information & Guidelines

Welcome to the Mass Music Collective (MMC) information page. Here, we outline the key guidelines and legal clarifications to ensure a smooth and transparent experience for all participating artists and bands.

Explicit Lyrics Policy

Policy Statement: At Mass Music Collective, we're committed to making our playlist accessible and enjoyable in a variety of public spaces. To achieve this, we maintain a strict policy against explicit lyrics in our main playlist.

Definition of 'Explicit': For the purposes of our main playlist, explicit content is defined as songs containing strong language, explicit references to violence or sexual content. Such content will not be featured in our primary public playlist.

Commitment to Expression and Future Plans: We deeply value artistic freedom and expression. We understand that strong language can be a part of artistic expression, and it's not our intention to stifle creativity. In recognition of this, we plan to create an uncensored playlist in the future, providing a platform for a wider range of artistic expressions.

Zero Tolerance for Hate Speech: While we respect artistic freedom, we have a firm policy against hate speech. MMC does not tolerate content that promotes racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other form of discrimination. Any such content will be categorically excluded from all our playlists, in line with our commitment to foster a respectful and inclusive music community.

Legal Clarifications

Rights and Permissions: All rights to the music submitted to MMC remain with the original artists. MMC serves solely as a promotional platform, utilizing Spotify's services to amplify your music.

Usage and Limitations: Submitted music will be featured on our Spotify playlist, accessible to our network of local businesses and listeners. We reserve the right to select songs that align with our community standards, which include refraining from content that is racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive.

Submission Process

Geographical Criteria: At Mass Music Collective, our heart beats for Massachusetts and its rich, diverse music scene. In line with our commitment to nurturing this vibrant community, priority is given to bands based within the state. We also recognize the interconnectedness of our music scene with neighboring towns and cities. Therefore, bands located within a 10-mile radius of the Massachusetts state border, in places like Enfield, CT, or Brattleboro, VT, are welcomed. These areas are not just geographically close; they're an integral part of our extended music community and contribute significantly to the collective vibrancy and diversity of our scene.

Song Selection: We typically feature up to three of your most-played songs, unless you specify particular tracks in your submission.

Submission Review: Once submitted, please allow up to a week for your songs to be reviewed and added. Our playlist is updated regularly to keep the content fresh and engaging.

Exclusion Rights: While we aim to include a diverse range of music, MMC reserves the right to exclude songs that do not adhere to our community standards or explicit content policy.

If you have any questions, please contact us on our CONTACT PAGE.

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